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  1. Whats the difference between baby formulas from toddler formulas

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    Answer by Lisa
    Toddler formulas are not needed…

  2. what do u suggest is the best formula and why thanks

    Answer by -(`v)- as ifee
    The kind that comes straight from the breast!
    .. its the healthiest! and comes in the cutest containers :)

  3. If the baby is healthy, which Similac formula is better; Advance or Sensitive
    I want to get my baby the one that is most natural.
    And since i dont have enough breastmilk for my son, i want to know what you would suggest as the healthiest formula.

    Answer by asrai
    Formula is not natural. ITs a substitute someone threw together and isnt even all that regulated.

    Infant formula is NOT sterile and is NOT strictly monitored by the government for toxins, purity, and safety.12 Since formula is classified as a food by the Food and Drug Administration, it is NOT subject to the rigorous standards that are applied to drugs.12,13 Chemicals used in rocket fuel production have even been found in some infant formulas.14 Because powdered formulas are easily contaminated, they are considered non-sterile by most health agencies.12, 15

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